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Becoming Santa


Before we talk Santa let me first give HUGE props to Heather Pickett Photography for the images I’m about to share. You guys, my kids were like all happy, at the same time, while there was a camera photographing them…Can you say Christmas miracle!? So of course I’m stoked about this little mini Santa session. Today I wanted to share my favorites (though there were even more but I had to narrow it down for the sake of printing) that we ordered and will have on display in a little ablum block from Simply Color Lab. I love this option for display because you can rotate which image is on top each day and look at something new. Plus the individual mounted prints have a spray coating that resists finger prints so I don’t have to worry about my kids shuffling through the deck to pick out their favorite to put on top. I know each Christmas I’ll have extra motivation to break out the holiday decor because these treasures will be included.

Now can we talk Santa for a minute? As a parent I’ve struggled a bit to know how he fits into our Christmas scene. I grew up believing in Santa. I can even remember a Christmas where I swore I could hear his reindeer landing on my roof. And then one day I noticed Santa’s handwriting looked awfully familiar…. My kids all still believe in Santa except Ella. Why doesn’t she believe? Because #momfail. I told her the truth last year and she cried. She is such a black and white thinker and I worried that one day she would question the validity of anything I’d ever told her if Santa’s writing ever became familiar to her. So she knows. And while I’m okay with that, I do wish our original conversation could’ve been different. What I wish I had said was THIS. What a brillant way to discuss Santa and honor the true spirit of Christmas! I like to remind my kids that Santa is ultimately a magical way of remembering how loving and giving our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ are. At some point in time I want to get a photo of Christ with the little children on his lap to display at Christmas time next to these littles on Santa’s lap. I do believe the magic of Santa and the reality of Christ’s ultimate gift to us can coexist, it just takes a little extra effort and the right words. I can’t wait for Christmas morning because of course it’s really Santa who experiences the magic and excitement of Christmas and I’m honored to get to wear that red fur cap!!!


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