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Vivienne Annice | a gift from heaven

Vivienne Annice 0001.jpg

One week ago tomorrow this little angel officially joined our family. Of course we’ve been loving the thought of her since early spring. And though I’ve felt her every kick and movement all along, it’s just not the same as when I get to wrap her in my arms and just breathe her newborn essence in. Straight from heaven. A gift from God. Alive and Pure. That’s what her name means. Vivienne Annice Frandsen. Born 11.29.17 at 9:53pm, weighing 8lbs 3oz, 21.5in long. Her birth was photographed so I’ll save her arrival story for that post, but I couldn’t wait a day longer to share her lovely face with you. Official newborn pictures will be taken this Saturday, but as always, I like to photograph my babies myself even though I lack so many basic newborn photography skills haha. The nice thing about having low expectations with these shoots (and being the mom of the subject) is I can’t go wrong. I always love them no matter what. The floral fabric I used is her homemade Moby baby wrap that I will wear often because I’m happier when she’s swaddled in next to my heart.

Vivienne Annice 0003.jpg
Vivienne Annice 0002.jpg
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  • Mom - I think your newborn photography is awesome! My favorite is with her hands under her chin. What a sweetie!

  • Leslie - Oh my gosh. She is another beautiful baby. You make the most beautiful babies. I love them all. There is one where she is smiling. ..so precious.

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