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three months young

3 month001.jpg

She’s my breathe of fresh air. Three months young tomorrow.

3 month002.jpg
3 month003.jpg
3 month004.jpg
3 month005.jpg
3 month006.jpg
3 month007.jpg
3 month008.jpg

And then I swaddled her up, tucked her in bed like I do over and over again each day, and smiled at her. She looked up at me with those big, big eyes and I thought THIS! This is who she really is right now. So I plopped her back in front of the camera and I might love these even more…

3 month009.jpg
3 month010.jpg
3 month011.jpg
3 month012.jpg
3 month013.jpg

AND THEN, I realized I needed at least one with her pacifier in. So diaper change. Swaddle swap. Lay her back down. Pop from the flash… Okay Vivie Ann. Now you can rest. Mommy’s satisfied;)

3 month014.jpg

Love her SO much.

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