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This is me, Liz, and those I love most, the night before we sold our first home. Last minute, I decided we needed one final photo there as a complete family! We moved into that little place with one toddler. Five years and three kids later we were busting at the seams. So almost on a whim, we packed up and moved down the street to a bigger house. Yes, life is still crazy, but I’ve since hired a wonderful nanny. Thanks to her, I’m able to answer your emails promptly, turn around sessions quickly, and offer professional retouching & design work for all your finished products. And the best part is, my sanity stays intact, so I get to be a good mom too!

The last person you want photographing your wedding is someone who is tired and burnt out. When I’m commissioned for a wedding, I view it as an opportunity to create art, to be in my element. It’s true, I’m not your best friend, or your cousin with a camera who offered to shoot your wedding for free, but I guarantee I’ll fit right in on your wedding day and you’ll appreciate the experience and professionalism I bring to the table. In this photographic world where everyone talks and texts from a pretty amazing camera (also known as your phone) it can be hard to see the value in hiring a professional photographer but that’s just it, you’re hiring the photographer not the camera. I shoot with professional grade equipment, but it’s my brain that does the trick!

When I take a picture, it’s not an accident. I know exactly what settings I’m using and why. Having this technical foundation allows me the freedom to create artistic, beautifully lit photographs in any situation. It also frees me to capture emotionally driven moments that tell your story just as you remember it.

On your wedding day you are the main event. Your attention will be had every moment of the day. So my goal is to not only capture what you’re doing, but also the moments you miss. I’ll preserve those for you now, for you later, and even for you when you’re gone. We’re talking about creating family heirlooms here, and investing in professional prints and albums is something you’ll never regret.

Stories and experiences, not things, are what make life magical. I’m so grateful for photography and its ability to preserve life at its fullest. I’ll never forget how much love I felt in our first little home as my children learned to walk, talk, laugh and explore because I took a picture of  it, so those moments are mine forever. I’m excited to do the same for you on your wedding day!

If you’re the kind who likes stats to back up a decision, I list my education, publications and awards HERE. But more than anything, I simply hope you’ll fall in love with my work. If it speaks to you then trust your gut. I photograph beautifully wonderful, glamorously ordinary people in a bold, vibrant, timeless way. I tell stories. I create art. And I would love to do that for you.



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