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porch monkeys | two fingers left

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Here’s some real life coming at ya. Blogging is hard. It’s just no longer my baby. Now my baby is 5 months old, weighs almost 18 pounds (I’m guessing), doesn’t roll over (because obviously…all that chub), loves to eat, still wakes up at night but is cute as all heck. I REALLY need to update my website, at least the about me page that is out of date. One more kid. 5 total. No more nanny. Just me! Still delivering rockstar images and service to my clients. But the blog. Well…I just can’t do it all. But today. For 5 seconds, I’m here and posting. Because I DO want to. There is a huge part of me that loves sharing my work in this medium it’s just that that part of me is sleep deprived and allergy ridden. So yes. I’m alive. Doing well-ish. Just hanging out front with a bunch of porch monkeys more often then I used to. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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P.S. I have TWO spots left for weddings this year. Yep. TWO. I’m limiting my bookings to the fingers on one hand and it feels great. Not willing to lower my standards in any department (except blogging;)and the posts will come, they’ll just take some time), I’m chosing to do less. And that way I can be MORE. So ya. Just thought I’d let you know if you’re hoping to claim a finger this year. If not, Vivie will happily chomp on those two that remain. Did I mention that girl loves to eat…

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