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Meryl | my winter muse

Meryl 000a

Two days ago I was outside photographing a gorgeous, sunny & warm spring wedding. Yesterday it snowed. Really Utah? I mean I guess I’m not surprised. I’ve lived here most my life. So I cooped myself up in my office to design this album jumping back to this winter session when there was fresh snow and a lot of it. But of course it was okay then because it was February….NOT April. This was before I ended my maternity break when I was hankering for a day away from the kids and time to create. Meryl was just the girl I needed! I styled her up, put her in my Master’s dress, and whisked her away to a ball at the State Capitol Building. Well it could’ve been a ball if Prince Charming had met us there. But he wasn’t around so we did our girl thing and Meryl owned this gown! My family (myself included) adore this girl. Her smile is like GAH. SO SO pretty. Especially because it’s really just an outward expression of the quality woman she is on the inside. Thanks for being my muse Miss Meryl. Now will Prince Charming please get his act together, show up, and make this girl his wife!? Seriously. I NEED to shoot her in white and of course it’s all about me;)

(Random side note: As I was designing the cover for this I started to think about how old Meryl was and realized she’d just turned 30 this past December. I’m pretty sure I forgot her birthday but I was up to my eyeballs in kids and a newborn at the time so I bet she forgave me like a true friend would haha… Anyway, I absolutely believe 30 is THE time for so many women and it’s a birthday to not only celebrate but document for future grandkids to see. Grandma in her prime. So Meryl, though we didn’t plan this exactly, happy thirtieth. I love that my “30” portrait that hangs in my bedroom is in this same dress. There’s just something about a lady in red that is irresistible.)

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