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Kimley helped design her custom gown and it truely is a work of art, espeically with her in it. Enizio made sure she was looking her absolute best and I was just there for the party. Kimley brought her groom along but I’m saving those shots for another day. Today I thought I’d play around with Kimley’s solo shots and some textures for a change. What do you think? I love the depth they add. And her veil…well I think it’s obvious that I was smitten with that. I love how the style of a veil can make all the difference in bridal pictures. It’s definitely something to think twice about when deciding what look you’re going for. You might recognize one of these shots that I posted previously. We entered it in the print competition and, thanks to your suggestions, titled it “Wings of Venus”. Kimley is definitely goddess material!

  • Janelle - “Wings of Venus” — I love it! What did you name the others?

  • Kimley - Liz I am SO glad I got to work with you!!!!! You are amazing and these are pictures we will treasure forever!!! Bryce loves them too!!!! ( a lot!)

  • admin - I’ll post their titles with the results,whenever I get those…

  • Cori Henderson - Liz! I love those! I love your new blog too!

  • The Jordan - It’s true that you are just getting better. The textures add a lot to the already stunning pictures. These are great.

    I’m sure that you’ll win the print competition too. You could have just entered this gallery.

  • Catherine Mihlfeith - Liz! I just love checking your blog. You’re pictures are SO Beautiful!!! Love it!

  • crave photography - Why can’t all brides choose long veils……sigh…LOVE!! Amazing photographs and PP!

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