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Honeymoon Manor


Print competition has ended for the 2016-2017 season so I can finally share this gorgeous album with you! You’ll recognize two of my favorite people and models, James and Jessie. We shot this at The Castle at Wadley Farms which is an amazing venue if you want to feel like a true princess on your wedding day, or at least during your blacktie session. I would love to shoot here again!

Funny background story…things ran late with hair and makeup (though Versa Artistry knocked it out of the ballpark with the end product!) which happens often regardless of who you hire….so you should always leave yourself a gap to make sure you have enough time to get things just perfect with your style and still get to pictures on time and then when Jessie finally arrived as James was helping her get into her wedding dress the zipper totally ripped out. Lucky for us we had this spare gown that I wore for my 10th anniversary pictures in the car, so Jessie slipped into it and away we went. Not exactly as planned but then nothing with weddings really ever goes just perfectly right…even a few years after the wedding day haha.

After shooting this session I knew I wanted to make it into an album for competition. Though the colors in this are beautiful I opted to present the whole story in black and white to draw attention to the beautiful lighting. I felt a little frustrated listening to the judges discuss this at the International Print Competition. They kept saying the black and white conversions didn’t match from one side of the spread to the other. In reality this should be ridiculous because the way I did the converting was with the entire spread at a time. So I’m not sure what went wrong…sigh. You just never know with print competition. It’s so subjective and there’s so many variables! But despite the flaws they found, “Honeymoon Manor” was accepted into the General Collection and will be on display in Nashville Tennessee at Imaging USA. Sadly I won’t be attending this year to see it in person because of my little babe on the way, but it’s fun to compete nonetheless!


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