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forever jolley

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing people you truly care about at their happiest. This day with Kimley & Bryce was that for me:)Besides the formal family pictures, I think we literally took pictures for maybe 7 minutes? It was freezing, and because we’d planned for this and done their temple shots in October, we were able to just grab a few in front of the temple and call it a day. So if you haven’t already seen these two’s October session, it is SO worth checking out HERE and HERE. Their Femininit/Blacktie session is one of my all time favorites:)

I thought I would point out somthing interesting about focal length which may bore most of you to death, but pay attention to these next two shots and note that Kimley & Bryce haven’t moved, and neither has the temple. The only difference is the focal length I used and where I stood. I think it’s interesting the difference you get.

I know I’ve probably said this before, but I seriously love Kimley’s ring:)

Kimley’s parents hosted a small open house after the temple and I loved how they had Bryce & Kimley’s pictures hanging around the home for that personal touch:)

I thought adding pears to the flowers and to the whole decor was such a cute idea. And we got to take them home as favors when it was all said and done.

  • JenW - I love these two. And I love your photography, Liz. Kimley is so beautiful (and I love her ring too!). You make her look great. :) Nice seeing you at the open house.

  • Kimley - We LOVE these pictures Liz!!! You definitely made our day even more special and now we always have beautiful memories of it!!! Thank you!!! You’re the best!

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