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…now booking family sessions!


I shot a handful of family sessions last year for friends and past clients but I never blogged most of them because at the time I wasn’t actively booking family sessions…BUT this year I’m happy to annouce I am!

It may sound silly, but in the past I’ve felt let down from my family sessions. I just never felt they were as creative and artistic as my wedding work. But now, I’ve come to see the value in a well posed & lit family portrait. It doesn’t always have to be so out of the box. As a mom, I love fun candid shots of my kids, but I also really value the kind where they’re looking at the camera as well. This can be hard to do with toddlers, but I’ll be doing my best to give families a taste of posed family pictures along with some fun moments this year.

You can check out my new portrait collections HERE. This session is an example of Collection One ($375), which includes a 45 minute session. I’ve found 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get just the basics, one or two great family shots, some fun interaction, and possibly individuals of everyone if we’re on a roll. This post contains some of my favorite shots, but to get an idea of what your full session would look like you can view this session’s proof gallery HERE. Your session will also have an online gallery where you’ll be able to download your proof pictures, share them with friends, and order professionally retouched prints online.

If you have two or more children under 5 you have to go into sessions knowing that your pictures won’t be posed perfectly but that they will be a reflection of the crazy time of life you’re in, and that’s OK. It’s also a time that passes quickly, so don’t wait to photograph your family when your kids are little, because they’ll be moody teenagers soon enough.

If your kids are mostly ages 5-12 then now if the time to think about cooking up something amazing. Your kids are at the perfect age where they’ll respond well to my direction, but they won’t be overly bored or disintered in “having fun” for the camera. Consider booking a longer session so we can go to a fun, exotic location and really create a piece of art that you’ll always love on display in your home.

Teenagers can definitely be photographed as well, but we may have to cater to their interests a bit to get them on bored. But that’s okay. When you book a session, if you have children you’re worried about, let me know their interests, their story, etc. and together we’ll brain storm to location ideas/poses that will engage them.

I’ll be sharing more family sessions & tips/tricks for making your family pictures go smoothly in the future, so watch for those. In the meantime, consider giving your family a gift they’ll always love- professional photography. I know it can seem expensive but it’s no more expensive than all the electronic toys we buy and replace on a regular basis as they’re outdated and uncool (how many new phones have you got in the last few years?). BUT your photographs only get better with age as your children grown and change and all that’s left of their childhood are images of what once was. If you want to make family pictures happen this year, set the goal NOW. Eat out one or two times less each month, pack a lunch instead of buying one at work, then put the cash you’re saving in a jar (I know old school, but it’ll work). You’ll be amazed how much money you’re spending on things that will break, become outdated, or that aren’t all that healthy for you body anyway.

Invest in capturing your family connection this year and those that you love. And don’t wait until you’re feeling like your body is exactly perfect. I specialize in making women (I can help pose you well too dad!) look amazing just the way they are, especially with a little help from another professional- the beautiful mom in these pictures. Flavia is THE most talented hair & makeup artist I know and she has agreed to jump on board with my portrait sessions this year. You can add hair & makeup to your sessions when booking with me and it will make all the difference. Don’t worry. She’s not going to make you look like a bride. Rather, she’ll focus on bringing out your best features so you just radiate natural beauty in a simple but stunning way. Having your hair & makeup done will relieve SO much stress the day of your session. Chances are you never even considered doing it outside of your wedding day, but anytime you’re photographed it’s the best thing you can do and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Well..I’m long winded today. But I’ll stop with the words and let you enjoy this fun little family, the Carolina’s!


the time winter finally arrived…

145 ETF_4166.jpg

I appreciate all the survey feedback you sent me. The majority of you said you wanted to see the top 10 or 20 images from my sessions, though there were a lot of you who said leave things the same. And there was no overwhleming majority as far as content goes, so I’ll try and mix it up this year with a little of everything. It does seem my blog loads super slow for many, so I’m going to keep posts shorter, even if it means breaking up sessions into a couple different posts so hopefully that will help with load times.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites (somewhere between 10 & 20) from the one and only session I shot while on my holiday break. I just couldn’t say no to these two because they’ve been so wonderful to work with. Jennifer & Jim wanted a few more pictures with the temple in the background, and with temple square at its finest-snow & lights! BUT it was freezing. Or maybe it was just normal December weather rather than the tropical stuff we’d been having. Either way, we didn’t last long after the sun was set but long enough to capture something beautiful.

146 ETF_4307.jpg
147 ETF_4246.jpg
148 ETF_4237.jpg
149 ETF_4277.jpg
150 ETF_4356.jpg
151 ETF_4457-Edit.jpg
152 ETF_4380.jpg
153 ETF_4498.jpg
154 ETF_4553.jpg
155 ETF_4647

(Specs for above image | 24mm f/4, 1/100 sec, ISO 1250, with a video light on the couples face)

Jim & Jennifer were happy to end on that last kissing/freezing note but as they were walking away I couldn’t help but think about how amazing the sky was turning so I stayed a few minutes longer and captured the shots below. Next Christmas I’m going to print one of these to add to my Christmas decor. Look what the colors of the sky and lights did to the snow below. These colors are 100% SOC. It was amazing!

156 ETF_4665.jpg
157 ETF_4686.jpg

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