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Alexa & Noah | Salt Lake Temple Wedding |Joseph Smith Memorial Building Reception

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I sent my older girls off to school this week. Peirce will join them in September. And then for the first time ever in her life, Sienna will have me all to herself for about three months before her younger sister joins us. To say this year has gone by quickly would be an absolute understatement. I’m still trying to get caught up with my blog and past weddings/sessions. This wedding and blacktie session I’m sharing today was photographed in April when the blooms at Temple Square were everything you wanted them to be! Alexa and Noah had a classy, intimate wedding dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, following their Salt Lake Temple Sealing. I imagine my own daughter’s weddings to be something like this.

Alexa’s gown was completely dreamy and during their blacktie session (which is mixed in with their wedding day images in their album) Noah wore his uniform, so together they were show stopping. We photographed them during the weekend of LDS General Conference and held up a bunch of general authorizes while shooting on the stairs at the JSMB….oops. But everyone involved was all smiles and high-fives to the happy couple. I’d never shot on those stairs before but loved that Alexa and her mom trusted me to give them something unique even in a location I’ve been to so many times before. Alexa’s mom will be ordering her own album with images she loves, but today I’m sharing Alexa and Noah’s version. When it arrived Alexa excitedly texted me “I just got the album in the mail and I’m like crying I love it so much!”. Seriously, you just can’t beat an actual tangible finished product. I only wish I had images of the finished album to show you. They chose a classy black leather cover with a cutout image on the front, the one of them kissing in the blossoms (which I made into a full page spread in the album as well). Spot on choice if you ask me! So, so thrilled to have worked with this family. I can’t wait to photograph Alexa’s younger sisters one day!

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